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  • Network Interface - High Speed 1

    You may own adjacent land, or need to build facilities, transport or infrastructure, or place utility apparatus, on or near to the High Speed 1 rail network

  • If you do, then we need a close working relationship. An integral part of our role is to manage the activities of outside parties who want to carry out works on or near to the railway, or to build bridges under or over land or where that activity impacts in some way on the rail network.

    If your building work is NOT alongside HS1 but on another part of our railway network then please visit our other Network Interface page.

    The HighSpeed 1 railway, formerly known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), is different from the rest of the rail network in that Network Rail (High Speed) operate and maintain it on behalf of HS1.

    This interface is dealt with by Network Rail (High Speed) Outside Parties team whose charter can be downloaded here.
    Network Rail (High Speed 1) Outside Parties Team Charter (PDF 90 KB)

    Managing potential risk to High Speed 1

    Are you digging and need to know what High Speed 1 buried services there are? If so we can help with our Infrastructure Search service.

    We can also search for:

    • Historic or as-built structure information
    • High Speed 1 property boundaries

    Please complete and send us the Infrastructure Search request form:
    Infrastructure Search request form (PDF 550 KB)

    If you need more information, please contact us at 

    All work of this nature, no matter how small, can impose risk to the operational railway or damage the infrastructure and vice-versa. The railway environment is a dangerous one for you to work alongside and can impact upon your works. We would be pleased to explain these risks to you.

    Within Outside Parties, we have a team of engineers committed to managing the impact on High Speed 1 from the works of the developers and providing advice to anyone planning activities near the railway.

    Initially please consult the Development Handbook below which will answer many of your questions.
    Development Handbook (PDF 500 KB)

    What we don’t do

    Outside Parties do not deal with emergencies. Please call Emmis on 01233 739 450.

    Help us to help you

    To help us answer your enquiry effectively, please provide as much information as possible by completing our Development Questionnaire.
    Development Questionnaire  (PDF 196 KB)

    To submit this Development Questionnaire or for any other initial contact please email