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  • Route studies

  • Route studies follow a similar process to their predecessors, the geographic Route Utilisation Strategies (RUSs).

    The studies identify gaps and develop options to address those gaps. The gaps in the route studies arise if the conditional outputs from all of the four market studies and the options for cross-boundary services arising from the cross-boundary analysis cannot be accommodated on the existing network within a particular route.

    Options are developed in two stages:

    • By making best use of the existing network (with committed changes) to understand what the trade-offs are between different competing requirements for capacity both within and between the different market sectors.
    • By including infrastructure enhancements to understand whether those demands can be met. For both stages, options are assessed using governments’ transport appraisal criteria however consideration will also be given to the wider economic benefits of a particular option, the options strategic fit, and its likely affordability.

    We will publish 12 route studies which, in general, are aligned to our devolved routes. However in the larger devolved routes discrete areas of the network may be considered separately.

    We will add links below as the studies are published.