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  • Safety

    Working with our partners to set safety standards for the whole industry

  • Health and safety policy statement Feb 2011

    “My priorities are to drive further a culture of safety” CEO, David Higgins’

  • Our safety initiatives

    Our safety initiatives ►

    We run a number of initiatives to help constantly improve safety standards amongst our staff, contractors and partners. These include our safety bus which can be booked for training sessions, the Safety 365 campaign which addresses track and frontline safety issues and Frontline Focus which offers video lessons on specific areas of safety such as use of Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs).

  • Project Safety Leadership Group (PSLG)

    Project Safety Leadership Group (PSLG) ►

    The PSLG works to improve rail safety standards and ensure that everyone in the industry is following best practice on a daily basis. The group meets every 2 months and brings together senior leaders from across the industry, including Network Rail, with contractors from each major asset group – the Infrastructure Safety Liaison Group, Rail Plant Association and Rail Industry Contractors Association and Freight Operators.

  • Key Performance Indicators 2010/11

    Key Performance Indicators 2010/11 ►

    We've put together an outline of our key safety performance indicators up to 31 March 2011.

  • Leadership commitment and individual accountability

    Leadership commitment and individual accountability ►

    Managers have a responsibility for health and safety and are required to demonstrate clear commitment to both, promote the right attitudes and behaviour and drive continuous improvement. They are accountable for the health and safety performance of their team and arranging appropriate inductions and this forms an important part of their annual objectives. Overall health and safety performance depends on individual employees. As such, every employee is accountable for their performance and is formally allocated health and safety responsibilities, where appropriate. Every employee has a duty to comply with the standards and procedures relevant to their role.

  • Health and safety management system

    Health and safety management system ►

    We follow industry best practice on safety. Our health and safety management system is how we meet our objectives and control risks across our whole organisation. We also ask our contractors and suppliers to take a systematic approach to understanding risk and managing safety before dealing with our infrastructure.

  • Safety Central

    Find out more about our initiatives and safety information