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  • Lincoln level crossings

    We want to build two footbridges over the level crossings at Lincoln High Street and Brayford Wharf to reduce the risk of misuse and improve pedestrian flows

  • Lincoln High St crossing photo

    planNED Development

    Lincoln's city centre is divided by two level crossings. They're there to protect people, but we know they can be frustrating. Most people use the crossings properly but we regularly see people running around lowering barriers or even climbing over them. This is incredibly dangerous and the misuse at these crossings needs to be urgently addressed.

  • The plans

    The level crossings are already the highest-safety design available and it is impossible to close them without the proposed east-west road link. Therefore, we've developed designs for two new footbridges which will:

    • Reduce the risk of misuse by separating pedestrians and rail traffic
    • Reduce pedestrian congestion
    • Improve pedestrian flow around the city


    We've received planning permission for the footbridge at Brayford Wharf East. Detailed planning is nearly complete and construction will start on site in Autumn 2013. Further details will be released as soon as they are confirmed.

    Preliminary plans for the preferred option at High Street are being shared with the public. Comments are welcomed until Monday 12 August 2013. Once a planning application is submitted, comments should be sent to City of Lincoln Council in accordance with planning processes.
    We are being advised by the City of Lincoln Council, Lincolnshire County Council, University of Lincoln, Lincoln Business Improvement Group and the Brayford Trust.

    Why footbridges?

    We explored many alternative options:

    • Constructing an underpass would require significant diversion of utilities infrastructure and would be very disruptive; a bridge is more desirable for personal safety reasons
    • A combined vehicle/pedestrian bridge would need several buildings to be demolished and would block views of the Cathedral
    • The old rail diversion has been redeveloped, and diverting the railway would have a negative social and economic impact on Lincoln


    Award-winning and highly respected architects have been appointed to develop appropriate designs for each crossing; Panter Hudspith Architects on High Street and Stem Architects on Brayford Wharf.

    The bridge at Brayford has been designed to reflect its location alongside the University buildings, surrounding offices and Brayford Pool as well as the heritage of the site. Construction will take into account flooding and environmental considerations.

    • Relocation of the swan jetty is being progressed both Brayford Trust and the RSPB
    • A lift is provided at each side of the bridge, capable of carrying mobility scooters and pushchairs
    • Cyclists are free to continue to use the highway. In addition a cycle 'gully' will be provided to help take cycles over the bridge


    The proposals for High Street involve developing 179 High Street to set the footbridge within the footprint of the building. The property will then be redeveloped for reuse after the bridge is constructed. As with Brayford Wharf East, a lift is provided at each side of the bridge, capable of carrying mobility scooters and pushchairs. Arrangements for cyclists match those on Brayford Wharf East.

    The proposed footbridges would be fully accessible 24 hours a day. Our consultation and design work indicates that a combination of stairs and lifts is the best way to achieve this.

    Have your say

    We want the residents and businesses of Lincoln and visitors to the city, to guide and influence this project.

    Email us at or write to:

    Lincoln Consultation
    Network Rail
    Peterborough Crescent House
    WHSmith Mews, off Thorpe Road
    PE3 6AL

  • Image gallery

    Lincoln High Street plans aerial view

    Proposed footbridge for Lincoln High Street

    Brayford Wharf East bridge

    Brayford Wharf East Bridge

    An example of misuse at Lincoln High Street - a pedestrian lifts the barriers


    An example of misuse at Lincoln High Street – boy runs across as barriers come down