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  • Lincoln level crossings

    We are building two new footbridges to give safe, free flowing access across the railway in Lincoln city centre

  • Lincoln High St crossing photo

    planNED Development

    Lincoln's city centre is divided by two level crossings. They're there to protect people, but we know they can be frustrating. Most people use the crossings properly but we regularly see people running around lowering barriers or even climbing over them. This is incredibly dangerous and the misuse at these crossings needs to be urgently addressed.

  • The designs

    The level crossings are already the highest-safety design available and it is impossible to close them without the proposed east-west road link. Therefore, we are building two footbridges which will:

    • Reduce the risk of misuse by separating pedestrians and rail traffic
    • Reduce pedestrian congestion
    • Improve pedestrian flow around the city

    We have planning permission for both bridges and, in September 2014, we completed the purchase of 179 High Street, Lincoln.

    Work to construct the new footbridge within the building at High Street started in October 2014. Work on the bridge at Brayford Wharf East will start in spring 2015. Both bridges will take around 12 months to complete.


    The footbridges will be fully accessible. Our consultation and design work indicated that a combination of stairs and lifts is the best way to achieve this. There will be “channels” at the side of each staircase to enable cyclists to take their bikes over the bridge. The lifts will be capable of taking mobility scooters and pushchairs and will be monitored.


    CCTV will be installed on the bridges.

    The design of the bridges has sought to reduce the areas where people can gather unseen from the street in order to improve security. The sides of the bridges are transparent, helping to improve the feeling of openness on the deck.

    Respecting our neighbours

    We are working hard with City of Lincoln Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the University of Lincoln to minimise the disruption caused by the construction of these bridges. Details of all changes to the road layout will be publicised on Lincolnshire County Council’s Website soon

    Any concerns about the development of these projects should be reported to our 24 hour helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

    Comments for the project team can be sent to

    Level crossing safety

    Network Rail remains committed to closing level crossings wherever possible in order to reduce the risk to the public. We recognise that Brayford Wharf East and High Street are, currently, essential parts of the road network in Lincoln and that closing the crossings is not possible at this time. We are pleased that traffic calming will be installed at Brayford Wharf and look forward to the pedestrianisation of High Street.

    We strongly encourage all pedestrians to use the new bridges once they are completed, rather than the level crossings.

    Find out more about our level crossings.

  • Image gallery

    Lincoln High Street plans aerial view

    Artist’s impression of the new footbridge at Lincoln High Street

    Brayford Wharf East bridge

    An example of misuse at Lincoln High Street - a pedestrian lifts the barriers

    An example of misuse at Lincoln High Street – boy runs across as barriers come down