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  • Data feeds

    We have a number of operational data feeds available to developers.

  • We plan to add to the data feeds and hope that by providing access to our data we will encourage the development of apps and websites that are of interest to passengers and the rail industry, as well as our wider stakeholders.

    For examples of websites that use our feeds see our case studies page.

    Available data feeds


    Train planning data, including locations and sectional running times.
    It is updated twice a year.
  • Corpus

    Location reference data.
    It is updated monthly.
  • Movement

    Train positioning and movement event data.
    It is updated in real-time.
  • RTPPM (Real time public performance measure)

    Performance of trains against the timetable, measured as the percentage of trains arriving at their destination on-time.
    It is updated at the rate of one message per minute.
  • Schedule

    Daily extracts and updates of train schedules from the Integrated Train Planning System, in CIF and JSON formats.
    It is updated overnight each night.

    Train describer berth offset data used for train reporting.
    It is updated monthly.
  • TD

    Train positioning data at signalling berth level.
    It is updated in real-time.
  • TSR (Temporary speed restrictions)

    Details of temporary reductions in permissible speed across the rail network.
    It is updated once a week on a Friday morning.
  • VSTP (Very short term plan)

    Train schedules created via the very short term plan process which are not available via the Schedule feed.
    It is updated in real-time.
  • Infrastructure Model

    Daily extract of the infrastructure model from the Integrated Train Planning System in XML format. It is updated overnight, each night.
  • To register your interest in getting access to the data feeds you will need to create an account with us. Anyone can apply; access to live feeds will be provided on a first come, first served basis and will be restricted to 500 users, although we may increase this if there is sufficient demand.

    Access is provided under our terms and conditions. These may be amended from time to time.

    For technical information about the formatting of the feeds and how they work see the Open Rail Data Wiki.

    The data feeds are provided by and belong to Network Rail Infrastructure Limited. You may not use our brand or logo or those of any of our partners including National Rail and the train companies. Also we do not allow any application or website using our data feeds to be called “official” as this would mislead the public.

    We actively monitor the data service and will notify users if we detect any problems, however we make no guarantees of availability or total uptime of the data feeds.