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  • Ticket refunds

  • Where to get a refund

    We don't run trains or sell tickets and we can't issue refunds.

    The place to go for a refund will vary depending on where you bought your ticket:

    Ticket office or self-service ticket machine

    Return your ticket to the ticket office at any station - it does not have to be the station where you bought it.

    Website or telesales office run by one of the train companies

    Return your ticket to the address specified by that company.

    Links to train company contact web pages.

    Travel agent

    You need to return your ticket to the travel agent who sold it to you.

    Further information

    For general information about refunds see section E of National Rail's conditions of carriage.

  • National Rail Enquiries

    Station ticket machinesNational Rail Enquiries is the official information service for Britain’s train companies.

    Timetables, tickets and fares

    They provide impartial advice on timetables, fares (including promotions), train companies, stations and destinations in Great Britain.

    0845 748 4950