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  • Edinburgh Waverley

    Edinburgh Waverley is Britain’s largest train station outside London

  • The station
    Station renewal programme

    Waverley Steps redevelopment
    Waverley infrastructure works


    The station

    Waverley Station is of critical importance to Scotland’s historic, environmental and commercial well-being, as well as being key to delivering capacity for new rail lines such as the reopening of the Airdrie-Bathgate Rail Link.

    The station was first opened in 1846 and was rebuilt between 1892-1902. It lies between the old town and modern Edinburgh, adjacent to Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and the Princes Street Gardens.

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    Station renewal programme

    Over the next four years, Edinburgh Waverley will be transformed by a £130 million investment in the station and its facilities, creating an environment that meets the needs of passengers in the 21st century while preserving Waverley’s rich heritage.

    The renewal programme includes:

    • Replacing the 34,000m2 station roof with clear, strengthened glass to shed new light on the station concourse and platforms
    • New Market Street entrance, increasing accessibility to the station for users
    • Refurbishing the station concourse and main building exterior, improving facilities for passengers
    • Improvements to Platforms 8 and 9, including new canopiesand station furniture.

    As well as these improvements, the station’s original ironwork features will be repaired and repainted while non-essential station furniture, buildings and redundant high-level walkways will be removed permanently.


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  • Waverley Steps redevelopment

    Included in the overall package of improvements at Waverley station are proposals for the redevelopment of Waverley Steps, which are used by around five million people every year.

    Following public exhibitions in the station in October 2008, Network Rail made an application for permission to rebuild Waverley Steps under the Transport and Works (Scotland) Act 2007 (a ‘TAWS Order’) and we aim to start building these new facilities in the autumn.

    The proposed redevelopment features:

    • a modern, landmark entrance from Princes Street
    • two sets of covered escalators, maintaining access to Princes Mall shopping centre
    • two 16-person glass lifts giving step-free access to all platforms via a mezzanine bridge
    • a glass and steel canopy over the newly refurbished Waverley Steps

    For more information about our plans or to give us your comments please email  

    Step entranceStep Escalaters  

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    Waverley infrastructure works

    Infrastructure works to transform Edinburgh Waverley were completed on time and on budget by Network Rail in February 2008. Fully funded by Transport Scotland, the £150 million programme has delivered what passengers need most – improved station access and capacity for more trains. This will make business and recreational journeys easier by lessening congestion, increasing the number of services and ultimately smoothing the journey for everyone.

    This has been achieved by delivering the following:

    • Two new, longer platforms and the reintroduction of platform 5
    • Extensive track remodelling and new signalling, which will allow four more trains to come through the station per hour each way
    • Extra platform capacity for longer commuter services
    • A new bay platform at Haymarket station for additional services.

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