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  • Station planning and design

    Getting the best for Britain's stations

  • There are over 2,500 stations across Britain, with 18 of the biggest and busiest run by Network Rail. The remainder are leased to train operating companies who are responsible for their day-to-day running.

    Designing better stations

    Major station redevelopments like at King's Cross and Birmingham New Street will transform people's journeys by providing accessible, spacious and pleasant facilities. Improvements are also being made at hundreds of smaller stations across the country, and many more schemes are planned.

    The guide helps design teams to see whether their plans will deliver better stations through making them accessible and easy to use, integrate well with their communities and make a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

    The guide takes forward the findings of our Action Stations initiative and will be used by Network Rail as part of its planning process. It covers stations of any size or type, so can also be used by rail industry and other partners alongside their own policies and standards.

    All our stations should aim to:

    • Be safe, secure and easy to use
    • Provide the information needed for passengers to plan their journeys
    • Allow quick and easy transfer to other forms of transport
    • Attract people to use the rail network
    • Have a positive impact on the environment

    Our managed stations should also aim to:

    • Be places people want to work, shop and travel
    • Showcase good British design and safeguard our heritage
    • Provide a hub for other modes of transport
    • Act as a catalyst for the development of our major cities
    • Anticipate the changing and dynamic needs of our passengers

    Action Stations

    Map of the UK showing some key areas of improvements to stationsAction Stations sought people's views on our 10-point plan for the future of stations. The results showed that provision of ‘the basics’ – seated waiting areas, toilets, ticket sales facilities, cash points and reliable information – was still of primary importance for passengers.

    The findings also showed that as the size of a station increases, passengers have an appetite for more extensive facilities.

  • Downloads

    Guide to Station Planning and Design coverOur Station Design Principles set out the 12 principles by which Network Rail intends to lead and evaluate station designs so that they satisfy customer expectations and operational requirements.

    Action stations booklet Our Action Stations booklet shows the kind of work that is already underway.