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  • Safety

    Safety is at the forefront of everything we do

  • Health and Safety Cycle Diagram with arrows denoting a cycle of continuous improvement: understanding risk, implementing controls, measuring and learning
    Health & Safety Management System

    Our Health & Safety Management System sets out the processes that deliver our health and safety objectives and control health and safety risks.

    It follows industry best practice and is applied across our company.

    We also require our contractors and suppliers to have a systematic approach to understanding risk and managing safety before we allow them access to Network Rail controlled infrastructure.

    Health and Safety Policy Statement

    This outlines our attitude to health and safety and explains how it is managed within Network Rail.

    The Chief Executive has a very clear view on how health and safety should be managed within the company and this is clearly set out in his policy and is communicated throughout the company.

    Leadership commitment

    Managers are expected to show a clear commitment to our health and safety objectives.

    The safety of the organisation depends on each individual’s performance, so each employee is held responsible for their own health and safety performance.

    Individual accountability

    Key Performance Indicators 2010/11

    We've put together an outline of our key safety performance indicators up to 31 March 2011.

    Our safety initiatives

    To put our commitment to safety into practice, we have introduced safety initiatives aimed at our workers, suppliers, partners and the public.