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  • Route Utilisation Strategies (RUS)

    Route Utilisation Strategies provide recommendations for the development of train services

  • RUS map - revisedRoute Utilisation Strategies (RUSs) seek to balance supply and demand and set out our longer term vision for improvements across the network.

    They do this by considering existing capacity, infrastructure capability and train operations, followed by forecasting future demand and providing recommendations as to how this should best be accommodated.

    RUSs consider the requirements of passengers, train operators, rail freight, industry funders and other stakeholders. They are based on a whole-industry approach, with interventions considered such as timetable optimisation, rolling stock changes and running more trains. These are supported by infrastructure enhancements options where necessary.

    Achieving value for money is a key element, with all recommendations backed up by a robust economic case.

    We take account of the recommendations from RUSs when carrying out our activities. In particular they are utilised in producing our infrastructure investment plans and for allocating existing capacity between competing demands placed upon it, as required by the Network Code.

    RUSs have been produced in conjunction with our rail industry partners and wider stakeholders.

    In the future, the new Long Term Planning Process will take forward the evidence base used for long term rail industry planning. This has been developed in consultation with rail industry partners to build on the success of the RUS programme and go forward to inform future franchises and discussions on rail industry funding requirements.

    Latest RUS news

    We have produced RUSs that cover the entire rail network. The most recent publications are:

    See the full list of dates in the RUS programme.

    Read below the latest documentation on each RUS

    RUS  Last updated 

    National strategy 
    Network RUS   
        Electrification Refresh  October 2012
        Alternative Solutions  July 2013
        Passenger Rolling Stock  September 2011
        Stations  August 2011
        Electrification Strategy  October 2009
        Scenarios and Long Distance Forecasts  June 2009
    Freight RUS  March 2007

    Geographical RUSs: Generation Two 
    London and South East  July 2011
    Scotland  June 2011
    Northern  May 2011

    Geographical RUSs: Generation One 
    West Coast Main Line  July 2011
    West Midlands and Chilterns  May 2011
    East Coast Main Line  December 2010 (2016 Capacity Review)
    Great Western  March 2010
    East Midlands  February 2010
    Sussex  January 2010
    Kent  January 2010
    Yorkshire and Humber  January 2009
    Merseyside  March 2009
    Wales / Cymru  Tachwedd / November 2008
    Lancashire and Cumbria  August 2008
    South London  March 2008
    Greater Anglia  December 2007
    North West  May 2007
    Scotland  March 2007
    Cross London  August 2006
    South West Main Line  March 2006