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  • Standard suite of contracts

  • It is our intention to always engage our contractors and suppliers on the basis of the following standard contracts.

    These contracts were developed following discussions with various industry bodies and many issues raised were incorporated in the final drafting. We believe our standard suite of contracts reflect a sensible allocation of risk and responsibility between the parties and that these contracts will save management time for us and our suppliers and contractors when setting up and managing contracts.

    Suppliers and contractors should always submit tenders that are compliant with the appropriately selected contract but, subject to meeting this requirement, may offer alternative tenders where this provides demonstrable benefits to Network Rail.

    Contract No. Contract Description Current Version No. Date of Issue
    NR(IT)1 IT Framework under review  
    NR(IT)2 IT Systems under review  
    NR(IT)3 IT Consultancy under review  
    NR(IT)4 IT Hardware under review  
    NR01 Goods 1.11 13/8/15
    NR01(S) Goods (PO) 1.8 13/8/15
    NR02 Non Construction Services 1.6 13/8/15
    NR02(S) Non Construction Services (PO) 1.9 13/8/15
    NR02(MT) Non Construction Services (Measured Term) 1.2 13/8/15
    NR02(HS) Non Construction Services in HS1 1.5 13/8/15
    NR03 Construction Services 3.7 13/8/15
    NR03(MT) Construction Services (Measured Term) 1.2 13/8/15
    NR03(HS) Construction Services in HS1 1.5 13/8/15
    NR04 Short Form Works 2.10 13/8/15
    NR04(S) Short Form Works (PO) 1.4 13/8/15
    NR04(MT) Short Form Works (Measured Term) 2.10 13/8/15
    NR04(HS) Short Form Works in HS1 2.8 13/8/15
    NR05 Not Used  - -
    NR06 Hire of Plant 3.5 13/8/15
    NR06(S) Short Term Hire of Plant (PO) 1.2 21/5/15
    NR07 Op & Maintenance of On-Track Plant 2.9 13/8/15
    NR07(HS) Op & Maintenance of On-Track Plant in HS1 2.8 13/8/15
    NR08 ICC Measurement  3.6 13/8/15
    NR09 ICC D&B 3.5 13/8/15
    NR10 JCT D&B 2.8 13/8/15
    NR11 MF1 (rev 5) Build 3.4 13/8/15
    NR12 ICC D&B Target Cost 3.5 13/8/15
    NR12(A) ICC Build Target Cost 3.5 13/8/15
    NR13(A) Framework - Goods 1.9 13/8/15
    NR13(B) Framework - Services 1.9 13/8/15
    NR(13C) Framework - Works 1.9 13/8/15
    NR14 JCT Build 2.7 13/8/15
    NR15 MF2 (rev 1) Goods 2.10 13/8/15
    NR16 Contingent Labour under review  
    NR17 Not Used - -
    NR18 Manufacture, Overhaul, Refurb & Service Plant 1.5 13/8/15
    NR18(MT) Manufacture, Overhaul, Refurb & Service Plant (Measured Term) 1.2 13/8/15