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  • Network Statement

    Helping you to develop your train operating business

  • The Network Statement provides all current and potential train operators wishing to operate train services on our infrastructure with a single source of relevant information on a fair and non-discriminatory basis.

    It is intended to fulfil the requirements of the Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations 2005 (as amended) (the Regulations) and EU Directive 2012/34/EU and can be downloaded below free of charge.

    In line with our obligations under the Regulations, we will keep the Network Statement up to date and modify it as necessary. Where changes are made to the Network Statement, we will update this section of our website and will make it clear where in the document this updating has taken place.

    2015 Network Statement (PDF 2MB)
    2016 Network Statement (PDF 2 MB)
    2016 Network Statement (French) (PDF 3 MB)

    Consultation - 2017 Network Statement & code of practice on congested infrastructure

    In line with the previous 2016 Network Statement consultation, we have produced a draft document for consultation as opposed to seeking views from stakeholders as regards how the previous version might be improved.

    This year, following industry discussions, we propose to introduce a new Code of Practice on the management of congested infrastructure. This would replace the process-related text in section 4.4.3 of the Network Statement with a new Annex J, so a separate consultation document has been produced for this change.

    The consultation period ends at 17:00hrs on 25 September 2015, we will then update and modify the Network Statement as necessary before publishing the final document in October 2015.

    Network Rail would prefer to receive comments on our Network Statement in an electronic format as this will assist us in processing any response that you may wish to make quickly and efficiently. If any part of your response is confidential we would be grateful if this could be clearly highlighted. All comments will be treated as non-confidential unless specifically stated otherwise. Information provided in response to this consultation may be subject to publication or disclosure in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Network Rail will process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

    Responses should be directed to:

    2017 Network Statement (consultation) (PDF 2MB)
    Congested Infrastructure Draft Code of Practice (PDF 1MB)

    Connected facilities

    You can download details of connected facilities from our Freight site opportunities page.

    If you are a connected facility owner or operator and you need to update the details that we hold, download our service provider information form which can be returned by post or email:

    Service provider information form