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  • Product acceptance

  • What is product acceptance?

    The product acceptance process gives us the assurance that products accepted for use on or about our infrastructure are:

    • Safe
    • Fit for purpose
    • Do not export unacceptable risks to Network Rail infrastructure

    Only accepted products - except those allowed by NR/L2/RSE/100/05 - shall be used on the rail infrastructure.

    Do I need to apply for acceptance?

    Network Rail standard NR/L2/RSE/100/05, Product introduction and change, governs the process for the acceptance of products.

    This includes:

    • New or modified products, materials, equipment, and systems
    • Changes of application
    • Road rail vehicles or attachments, and rail mounted machines, on-track machines, road plant and portable and transportable work equipment that could affect or interact with the infrastructure

    Please refer to NR/L2/RSE/100/06, How to decide what needs product acceptance, for details on the products that this process applies to.

    See Accessing Network Rail standards for contractors and suppliers for information on standards.

    How to find an approved product

    The catalogue of accepted products is available on the PADSnet website.

    PADS (Parts and Drawings System) data is managed by Network Rail. This includes the creation and revision of PADS numbers.

    There are more than 85,000 products accepted for use on our infrastructure.

    How to apply for product acceptance

    To apply, complete our online application form:

    You will need to provide justification by demonstrating monetary, safety and / or performance benefits to Network Rail.

    Acceptance is subject to standard terms and conditions which are available in the sample Certificate of Acceptance (PDF).

    Please download and read our guide to product acceptance.

    Guide to product acceptance (225 KB)

    Supplier quality assurance

    Suppliers and manufacturers of controlled products are required to engage in our supplier quality assurance process.