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  • Paddington roof restoration

  • Commuters in Paddington station


    137 roof specialists have worked to open Paddington station up to the light.

    We finished restoring the Edwardian roof in summer 2011, allowing light to flood back in to the station. The restoration work also included a major facelift for the platforms, bridges and walkways. The new Hammersmith & City Underground station opened in Winter 2012.

    For passengers using Paddington there's much to look forward to as the construction of a Crossrail station will bring a host of benefits.


    Other work at the station

    Improved east-west link

    The arrival of Crossrail services will transform rail travel in the region, alleviating overcrowding on the Great Western by up to 30 per cent. Crossrail will improve east-west links and bring 1.5m within a 45 minute commute of London.

    Better access

    The new Hammersmith & City line London Underground station at Paddington was completed in time for the 2012 Olympic Games. It reduces overcrowding, allows for growth in passenger numbers and provides step-free access.


    Heritage redevelopment

    Paddington station’s unique Edwardian character has been maintained throughout the redevelopment and this will continue as Crossrail is completed.

    Project timeline

    View our project timeline  

  • Timeline

    paddington  timeline
    1 Early 2009 - work starts on the roof and platform restoration.
    2 January 2010 - Demolition of taxi ramp to make room for the construction of the new Hammersmith & City Underground station.
    3 Summer 2011 - Completion of roof and platform restoration work.
    4 Winter 2012 - Completion of new Hammersmith & City Underground station.
    5 Winter 2012 - Construction of the Crossrail station starts.
    6 2017 - Completion of work on the Crossrail station.
  • Image gallery

    Commuters in Paddington station

    Specialists working on the roof

    A worker suspended from girders involved in restoration of Paddington's roof

    Restoration work on Paddington's historic roof

    Restoration work on Paddington’s historic roof


    An artist’s impression of the exterior of the new Crossrail station at Paddington

    An artist’s impression of the new Crossrail station at Paddington

    An artist’s impression of the gate-line at the new Crossrail station at Paddington