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  • Our Code of Business Ethics

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    Our Code of Business Ethics defines how we do business with our colleagues and others.

    Good business ethics involve high standards of behaviour and is characterised by integrity, honesty and freedom from deception and fraud. Our business dealings and relationships should always support and enhance our reputation.

    The code applies to all activities and sets out the minimum standards which we expect from you in your dealings with colleagues, customers, stakeholders, and third parties. In whatever role you have in Network Rail, you are responsible for upholding the law and regulations as well as our corporate policies, standards and procedures including the Code of Business Ethics.

    What you must do
    • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all our business relationships both inside and outside the company and act in a professional manner.
    • Build relationships with our colleagues and stakeholders based on trust and treat each other with respect and dignity when conducting business.
    • Be familiar with relevant legal requirements, company standards, policies and procedures.
    • Avoid situations that could involve any unlawful practice or harm to Network Rail's reputation, be a role model to those you work with, visibly demonstrating the ethical standards of the code.
    • Not use your position within the company for personal gain or benefit.
    • Speak out against any breaches or potential breaches of the code. 
    • Suppliers should also act consistently with the principles of the code when working with Network Rail.