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  • Safety first

    We're committed to improving safety across the railway network

  • Welding at night

    Less than a generation ago the railway was viewed as being in inexorable decline. However in the relatively short period of time since privatisation, the railway in Britain has been transformed.

    • Passenger journeys are up by 60%
    • 37% more freight is moved by rail
    • Passenger satisfaction levels are the highest since surveys began

    Most importantly of all, we achieved all this while improving our safety record. Since 2005/6, we have cut the workforce accident rate by 37%, the passenger safety risk has improved by 2%, and safety is at an all-time high.

    We still have significant challenges ahead and to meet these we are developing a visible safety culture throughout the company. We've developed better working practices, processes and systems; we've improved communication and training; and we've provided competency and leadership development for everyone in safety-related roles.

    "I will always put safety first"

    Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. "I will always put safety first" is a commitment everyone at Network Rail must make, whatever our job, and we all must understand the impact of our actions on our own safety and the safety of others.

    Safety campaigns

    Here are some of our award-winning initiatives:

    Safety 365

    Safety 365
    Safety 365 is a high-profile campaign aimed at industry workers which highlight key safety risks, focusing on track and frontline safety issues, using hard-hitting images to illustrate the dangers of not-safe working practices.

    Don't Run The Risk
    Our Don't Run the Risk campaign shows people the potentially deadly consequences of incorrectly using a level crossing. Hard-hitting TV and radio advertising continues to support the rail industry's biggest-ever safety campaign.

    Rail Life  
    Rail Life is our youth engagement initiative, enabling us to communicate with young people about the dangers of ‘hanging out’ on the railway and to inform them of alternative activities in their area. Resources are available at for teachers and community groups and we have a website for children 13 years and older.