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  • Animals

  • Pests


    Rats, mice and rabbits sometimes cross over from our neighbours’ properties onto the railway.

    When this happens, we’ll send someone to investigate the problem and take the right action.


    Pigeons often nest under the bridges along the railway and can cause problems for people living and working nearby.

    If you’ve got a problem with nesting pigeons you need to contact your local authority first.

    Habitats and protected species

    When we clear vegetation, we check to see if nesting birds or protected species are present.

    We avoid work at times that will cause harm to, or disturb, nesting birds unless there is a significant and immediate threat to passenger or resident safety.

    Need more information?

    If you want to know more about how we keep the railway safe animal pests or have a comment about any of these issues you can contact us.

  • Contact us

    If you have a concern or question, call our 24-hour helpline:

    03457 11 41 41

    or contact us online

  • Sustainability

    This report outlines our plans for sustainable development and shows how we're performing against our targets.