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  • Litter and fly-tipping on the railway

    Find out how we’re removing litter and tackling fly-tipping on the railway to make it safe and your journey more pleasant

  • We’re committed to cleaning litter and preventing fly-tipping on the railway. It’s a serious problem that not only looks bad, but also affects your safety on the railway.

    Litter can attract rats which can chew on signal cables, leading to signal failures, delays and even accidents.

    Fly-tipping is also dangerous – especially if you go onto the railway tracks. It’s a criminal offence too, and carries a fine of up to £1,000.

    How we tackle litter

    We have a statutory duty to clean up any litter on our land and we’ll always act quickly to remove litter which could affect your safety. 

    If for example a shopping trolley was left on the tracks, we’d make this a priority and remove it immediately.

    Smaller amounts of litter which don’t affect safety on the other hand are cleaned up during regular, scheduled cleaning operations.

    These take place on all our lines, with the busiest lines such as popular commuter routes being cleaned more often than quieter ones.

    Preventing litter and fly-tipping

    While we can’t guarantee a completely clean railway, we try to prevent litter and fly-tipping as much as we can by:

    • Working with the British Transport Police to investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute people who commit litter and fly-tipping offences
    • Maintaining good security to stop people illegally accessing railway sites
    • Using CCTV to monitor sites where people commit fly-tipping
    • Using nobblers which puncture tyres both inside and outside access gates for railway land
    • Enforcing legal agreements so that our tenants (eg shops at the stations that we manage) do not cause any litter problems
    • Encouraging contractors to remove all litter, debris and other materials from our sites when they’ve finished a job

    Need more information?

    If you want to know more about how we deal with litter and fly-tipping, or want to report an incident, please get in touch with us.


  • Who's responsible for cleaning the railway

    We clean the areas around the railway track as well as at the following stations which are run by Network Rail
    • Birmingham New Street
    • Cannon Street
    • Charing Cross
    • Edinburgh Waverley
    • Euston
    • Fenchurch Street
    • Glasgow Central
    • King’s Cross
    • Leeds
    • Liverpool Lime Street
    • Liverpool Street
    • London Bridge
    • Manchester Piccadilly
    • Paddington
    • St Pancras International
    • Victoria
    • Waterloo

    To report litter or flytipping at one of our stations please get in touch with us.

    At other stations 

    The remaining 2,500 stations are managed by train operating companies. To report litter or flytipping, please contact the station's ticket office.

    Areas outside the railway 

    To report fly-tipping or litter which is not on the railway or one of its stations, you’ll need to contact your local authority.