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  • Signaller

    Are you ready to take on one of the most crucial safety-related jobs in the rail network?

  • Quick summary

    Our signallers operate the signals and points that help make sure trains run safely and on time. You’ll be a guardian for safety and will be responsible for maintaining safety standards not just when the railway is running normally but also when there is disruption.

    This calls for excellent communications, a strong sense of responsibility, an ability to work under pressure and the ability to make systematic decisions in a timely fashion.

    Salary: from £19,324 plus shift allowances

    What’s involved?

    You’ll be the focal point of all operations in your area, as part of a team that manages operational safety and train services for a specific geographical location. As well as thriving on the responsibility for the safety of our passengers, colleagues and partners, you must be calm, methodical and analytical, so you can make all your decisions accurately after proper consideration.

    You’ll be expected to take the lead in your duties, being assertive and in command of many different situations, so good communication skills are key. This includes written communications as accurate record keeping and event recording are also an essential element of the job.

    As well as good hearing, eyesight and normal colour perception you'll need good concentration skills too. There will be times when you need to maintain you attention even when there is not much happening and other times when you need to focus on the detail to make sure an activity is performed correctly or switch between many different activities, for example when train services are disrupted.

    You must be able to assess situations and think through the outcome of your actions under pressure. In many cases you’ll be the only one in your signal box, so self-motivation and the ability to work alone are essential.

    Assessment practice booklet

    Please review and complete the assessment practice booklet in advance of applying for our signaller vacancies and in preparation for attending our assessment centres. This material will provide you with essential information and give you an understanding of what will be expected from you for these roles.

    Assessment practice booklet (270 KB)

    Search and apply for these roles (please review our guide and self assessment before applying)