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  • Safety

    It is our aim that everyone will get home safely every day

  • Every year accidents on the railway are caused by people taking risks. Whether they're taking a short-cut home, spraying graffiti on railway property or not taking the usual care after a few drinks, people ignore the rules of the railways every day and put their lives at risk, as well as risking the safe running of the railway.

    That's why we're working with the public and communities to educate them about the dangers.

    The issues

  • Level crossing barrier

    Level crossings ►

    There are over 6,100 level crossings in the UK. Every year accidents are caused by road users and pedestrians ignoring level crossing barriers and warnings to save a few minutes. But they're not time wasters - they're life savers.

  • Member of the public trespassing on the tracks

    Trespass, vandalism and graffiti ►

    When we travel by train, we can all see the results of people trespassing, with vandalism and graffiti on railway property. Quite apart from the damage caused, few of the people involved realise the danger they are putting themselves in from speeding trains or electrification.

  • Electrified overhead line equipment

    Electrification ►

    Most countries in Europe have been switching from diesel trains to faster, quieter and greener electric trains. But the overhead electric power lines and electrified tracks can cause severe injuries to anyone trespassing near them.

  • Some of our key initiatives

  • Campaign poster: Level crossings. They're not time wasters, they're life savers

    Level crossings

    They’re not time wasters, they’re life savers.
    This campaign launched in 2011. It shows frustrated drivers and pedestrians who feel their time is being wasted by the barrier but surprises people with the speed at which a train can seem to come from nowhere.

    Guide to using level crossings safely
    Primary school - 290x150

    Safety education

    Education is the key to the safety of people on and around the railway. Our campain includes resources for primary and secondary school teachers and a website created with young people.

    Safety education resources
    Access for All graphic

    Access for All

    Access for All is a £370m Department for Transport fund for station accessibility. Station selection and prioritisation is made by the DfT and when the programme is complete, over 160 stations in England, Wales and Scotland will have been selected to receive step-free access improvements.

    More on accessibility in stations